Named “Rebel” after every trailblazer, innovator, and disruptor who looked at the way it’s always been done and dared to think we can do better.

& Co because we’re in this together.

The name serves to remind us that our purpose drives us and our values define us.

There’s something about rebels, those who disrupt the status quo, who show up in the town square and squarely demand more. Who push the boundaries and look at the impossible and say, “why not?”

Rough around the edges, all heart, undeniably strong, authentic to a fault. Unafraid of the horizon and comfortable in the unknown.

These are our people.

We are used to pushing the boundaries on the expected. We’re okay forging uncharted territories. And we’re good with working with the not yet defined.

And, at all times, we’re driven by the conviction in the good a little rebellion can bring.

We exist to create
clarity in ambiguity.


We believe innovation is its strongest when the voice of the user is front and center. Insight provides clarity in the unknown and creates opportunity that gives way to the new. And, opportunity is essential to the creation of a more vibrant, intentional, and inclusive culture of success.

We are driving a shift in the market. To redefine how we design the new, we are crafting an intentional approach to innovation. We are challenging businesses to build for tomorrow, today with every new idea we champion. Through delivering new insights, we forge new connections, build value, and move the needle towards the goals ahead, creating a more intentional world with every step.


Build Value

We emphasize value over speed. Delivering tangible, meaningful wins today that set the stage for a bigger and better tomorrow.


Disrupt the Status Quo

We challenge ourselves and our clients to get uncomfortable and question everything. It’s never been a better time than now.


Function Dictates Form

We seek to understand the needs of the end user in order to determine how to best deliver exceptional results. Never the other way around.


Build Forward

The goal is to lay a strong foundation for tomorrow's growth. When we build with the future in mind we can focus on moving forward rather than fixing the past.

How we work

The Family

Staff Picks

Creating opportunity with every step.

Our focus on innovation, business, and behavior places Rebel & Co. at a unique intersection in culture. We are committed to using our culture, our voice, and our growth to find ways to move the needle in areas that are core to being human.

From the standards we establish at work to the ways we invest in our people and our communities around us, our purpose is to speak loudly and find ways to promote, encourage, and advance diverse and equal cultures.



We believe in the incredible benefits education can bring on the individual and population level. We are committed to finding ways to promote professional development and growth.



We know the most innovative cultures and products are built by diverse teams. We hold ourselves to this standard, seeking out high performers with a diverse perspective.



From closing the pay gap to creating policies that promote equality we know the steps to equality start with creating opportunity to be equal.